Friday, March 14, 2014

Why The 2000s Were Awesome-Ish

Janine's Confessions of A Mommyaholic

Today was a weird Friday, because I was off yesterday and kept referring to Wednesday as "last Friday", I think people thought I'm not quite there. But a wacky schedule and having to sub for two coworkers does that to me.  And here comes today's Finish The Sentence Friday, something I felt like I answered a few weeks ago, wondering whether I was ready to turn 30:

My favorite decade is...

... the 2000s.

I know, it sounds boring, but I'm still one of the young'ns. The 80s, I don't remember much of, I was only 6 when it all ended. The 90s, well the teenage time wasn't my friend. Add weird hair, even weirder clothes my mom got me, and some extra punds (besides being an awkward kid in general), and you have the class target.  On to the 2000s, time of my evolution, my rebellions, my time as a party girl, and eventually calming down. I remember decent clothing (the revival of the extreme flare pants had died down again), better hair (bye-bye perm), and somewhat better music, even though Metallica's "St. Anger" was a huge disappointment!

On the upside, Ville Valo cleaned up his act and managed to do concerts sober! (Yes, I sometimes have a weakness for goth lads)

The 2000s were also the revival of one of the best TV shows ever. Susannah knows which one I mean  :-)

It was also the high time of a certain pre-FaceBook platform that lead to me tripping over that certain lad to whom I'll be married for 8 years come April.

And that's the 2000s for me.

What's your favorite decade??


  1. The 2000s were actually pretty cpgood here, too with meeting Kevin in 2003, getting married in 2006 and having Emma in 2009. So, do agree about it being a good decade here, too. Loved your reasoning and thanks as always for lining up with us. Happy weekend now :)

    1. For me, the 2000s were just the decade where I got to start to explore who I really am, what I enjoy, what's important, which direction I want my life to go. Still don't know all of it, but I guess I have a good idea now :-) Thanks for hosting the link-up, Janine, and have a great weekend!

  2. I really liked the 2000's too (are they called the 00's now? No clue) and mentioned them in my post, as that's when I met my husband and had my son. But, as somebody alive in the 80s, well....I had to choose them, mostly although I did say all of the decades are my favorite.
    Isn't it weird about the pre-facebook thing? Yikes. I'm old.

    1. I didn't really experience the 80s consciously, and of what I've seen, the hair was awful :-) I'm glad you got to enjoy all of the decades in your life so much, Kristi! Have a great weekend!