Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend Recap - Wedding Fun

What a weekend it was, I tell you! Sunday night, I felt like I needed at least a whole new weekend to recover from it, but we had so much fun!

Whenever I plan on coming home early from work, bet on it that I'll be stuck much longer than I had planned. We celebrated my neighbor's birthday with yummie muffin pizza, flavored sparkling wine, and cake. Later on, the guys arrived for a night of D-20 Modern; it was interesting, with tons of twists and turns; finally, no headlessly stumbling around in post-apocalyptic Maryland, but danger's not banned by any means! We wrapped the game up early to get some rest before THE BIG DAY.

I got up with the girls at 6:30, made breakfast and relaxed a little with my giant cappuccino and a magazine. We adults got dressed and ready and packed the hair stuff for the girls. We headed out around 9:30 am, stopped for a car wash (not too easy on Saturday mornings!!) and arrived after a very scenic drive around 11:30. The bride and groom were still out having their pictures taken, so we used the time getting introduced to the groom's family and getting the flower girls ready. After the happy couple came back, everyone headed for the church. We got a quick introduction and explained to the girls that they would get to go in with the bride and groom and we'd be waiting for them inside. The church was an old Renaissance pilgrimage church; when the choir started singing and the priest walked in with the girls and the bride and groom, I so had to try and hold bak my tears. The girls were so beautiful, walking in so solemn and concentrated on their duties. Lily looked like a perfect little angel when she handed the rings over to the priest, and both girls came over to sit with us. The service was beautiful (yes, even I as an atheist can say that), and the couple radiated happiness all the time. After they had said their vows, received communion, and were blessed, the girls went back in position and led the newly-weds out of the church. They were not allowed to toss flowers in the church but showered everyone in petals once we outside congratulating the happy couple. Many pictures were taken before heading to the hotel for the party. We had so much fun, the cake was yummie, the buffet delicious, and the cake, well, who can say no to a Lego-inspired groom's cake? Throughout the celebration there were little details displaying the bride and groom's love for Lego. We left around 9 pm to head home after an eventful day and arrived home around 11 pm and followed suit.

The girls got me up at 7:30, way too early after the night before. We kept it slow all day long. I tried to keep off my feet to nurse my leg, which was swollen pretty badly the day before. After lunch I took Lily to the playground while Violet took a nap. Lily and I built a sand castle, and while she played with the other kids there, I finished my book and took a nap on our picnic blanket under a maple tree. Glorious, I tell you. I woke up when hubby and Violet arrived. We rested a little longer while the girls kept playing. Around 5 pm we headed home; the girls splashed with the girls downstairs while I prepared dinner. After shower and bed-time I spent my evening with my laptop and a glass of wine on the porch, enjoying the perfect weather.

I was definitely not ready for Monday today, and took a little nap while cuddling Lily to sleep tonight. I'll definitely going to head to bed soon tonight! Sending you all a very good night with a few pictures from Saturday:

The flower girls with the happy couple before the ceremony

Lily handing the rings over to the priest

The girls having fun with the flowers after the ceremony

Love this cheesy smile!

Lily goofing off with her basket

The treats

The girls admiring the groom's cake!


  1. The girls look so pretty in their dresses!

    1. Thanks a lot, Jen! Lily fought hard for exactly THIS dress ;-)

  2. I like cheesy smiles too! Looks like it was a beautiful wedding. The treats and the groom's cake look tasty. =0)

    1. Thank you so much, Kim. They were definitely unique. The best thing was the bride carrying a little lego bride in her bouquet and the groom having the lego groom on his pin. They put so much thought in those little details, and that made it very special!!

  3. Your girls were adorable! <3

    Love the cute cake and the treats in Lego style, very cool!

    Your weekend sounds exhausting yet awesome! Hope your week will be a bit more relaxing!