Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wisdoms Of My Day

"Today was not my day" happens way too often these days. But honestly, doing my running routine seems to take its toll right now, and work.. well, there have been some personnel changes that affect my office indirectly way too much. Anyways, during my run today, I came up with a few things today taught me:

1. Feeling like crying in the morning just because I have to get up is ok.. sometimes.

2. Too much work makes the day go by faster.

3. My desk is too small.

4. My outfit was appropriate for the season, the weather was not.

5. Spontaneous lunch dates with my colleague always improve my day.

6. I'm more stubborn than my inner slob.

7. Had the best run so far; realized I need new shoes, a sports bra, and maybe even running socks. Sponsors, anyone??

8. This song is playing endless rewind in my head while running.

9. The perfect drink to rehydrate? A glass of sweet Macedonian red  ;-)

10. If a day starts sucky, it still had all the potential in the world to become great if you give it the chance to be.

Wishing every U.S. reader Happy 4th of July tomorrow, and everyone else Happy Thursday!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Jen! You're a huge inspiration to me when it comes to running, just so you know ;-)

  2. This was almost like a 10 Things of Thankful :-) Which will be getting too quite soon.

    Running can be a pain, but once you get back into a routine I think it will get a lot better. Hopefully you can get all the necessary gear for your running aspirations too!

    I've not heard that song in a long time and can't lie that it seems like an odd one to constantly have playing in your head while running ;-) I should pay attention to what all I have stuck in my head as I workout. I think a lot of times the music the gym is playing drowns it out, or I have my own playing.

    Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink

    1. Well, I didn't really write about anything I was thankful for, just what was crossing my mind.. I don't run with an IPod, so I have to play music in my head, and this song lets me get in a good pace. I made again a lot of progress today, two more months to train, I think I'm going to make it ;-)

  3. Your numbers 1 and 10 really hit home for me. I often wake up wishing I didn't have to get up, not so much because of sadness but because of sheer exhaustion. But by the end of the day, I've come to realize that it was a pretty damn good day after all. Such a cycle to live in.

    1. The weird thing about this day was that I was not all too exhausted even. I just felt incredibly whiny that morning. I can be such a baby sometimes!