Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Recap

I've stopped the weekend recaps a while ago, since my weekends are oftentimes very much alike, and somehow I felt as if people won't really be interested to hear once again that I got to sleep in one day, that I watched an early morning movie with the girls, played with them, made breakfast and cooked dinner. The last two weekends were a little more exciting than most, just because weather actually permits to go out and do stuff!

Barbecue time! It was our annual department barbecue at my colleague's beer cellar. We had so much fun, the weather was perfect, the kids had fun going to the playground with a colleague's older daughter and a buch of other kids, and the hubby was able to have some good conversation with the other husbands and enjoy some beer from the barrel. We didn't head home until 9:30, which is very, very late for the girls, but they were doing so well.

Late Friday night for the girls means sleeping in Saturday morning? No way! Bright and early at 6:30 I found myself in the kitchen preparing breakfast for two happy girls. Later in the morning, we headed out to Erlangen to try and find a dress shirt for the hubby for next week's wedding. He didn't quite like any, so he decided to go with one od the shirts he already owns. We headed home, had lunch, and I went to buy some groceries to cover us for the rest of the weekend. While the girls had their quiet time I baked a cake to snack on as my friend was going to come over before attending a birthday party in the area. The girls were excited to have their favorite auntie over and play with her. We had some good talks and I got some valuable tips for the race in early September, sinc she had run a half marathon some years ago. After she left and we had dinner, we had some more playtime outside and after the girls had gone to sleep, I went for a run. I took the route I'd done before and was able to finish once again. Hubby and I relaxed afterward and went to sleep fairly early.

I got up with the girls around 7 am, made breakfast and we watched "Chicken Little". I noticed that I was simply not ready to be awayke yet, got the hubby up and went back to sleep. Fast forward to shortly after noon, when I wake up from deep sleep. Wow! I get up and ready, prepare lunch for the girls and afterward we all head out to the playground with an afternoon picnic. We had a lot of fun, the girls played with the water pump and we built a sand castle, which Lily promptly destroyed trying to make a pool in the castle's inner yard instead of pouring the water in the moat we'd dug. After playing for a few hours, we headed home for some pre-dinner quiet time for all of us. I enjoyed some sun with a Corona on the balcony while the girls napped. After a dinner of salad, grilled mushrooms, brats, and freshly-baked bread with herb butter, we went downstairs for some more playtime. Once the girls had gone to bed, I took off for yet another run, and made the route I plan on training on for the race. It's about half the distance I'll be doing in September, and the game plan is to be able to run the distance fairly easy and probably run the full distance about a week before the race as a final preparation. I'm fairly optimistic.

I hope you all had a good start into this week!


  1. Good for you for running!!! That's awesome.

    1. Thanks a lo, Jen! I've started about 5 weeks ago and am about to sign up for a race in early September. Can't wait!

  2. I love the movie Chicken Little! And fresh baked bread with herb butter...Oh yummy.
    I need to start running, or at least speed walking. =0)

    1. It was really a cute movie ;-) I'm not the fastest runner by far, but I just need to build up some endurance and muscle tone again, I'm getting so slack..