Sunday, September 15, 2013

Lily-isms To Live By

I have an incredibly wise-girl sitting at home. She regularly cracks us all up, and I have to admit - shame on me - that I should have been much better at writing them done, maybe make a compilation for her when she turns 18 - which will never EVER happen!!!  Here a couple of goodies:

We are a bilingual family, hubby speaks English to them, I speak German. Following conversation was therefore in German.
Lily: Mami, can you read "Curious George" to me?
Me: Go ask Daddy, it's an English book.
Lily: Mami, can you even speak English?
Me: Yes, of course. But can YOU speak English?
Lily: No, because I want to speak RIGHT!!

Just before Easter, the kindergarten covered the Christian Easter story:
Lily (very matter-of-factish): Mami, Jesus is a zombie!
Me: Why do you think so?
Lily: Well, the teachers said he died on the cross and then came back, that's what zombies do!
*A true nerd in the making*

Early in the morning, I'm getting ready for work as Lily walks into the bathroom.
Lily: Mami, I just farted, and the fart told me: "Lily, go poop!"

After one of her swim classes, walking up to her instuctor, who happened to be a young, good-looking guy:
Lily: Anton, you're pretty!
*Leaves a speechless swim instructor*

One night, while bruhing out her hair:
Lily: Mami, can I have another one of your hair clippies tomorrow?
Me: No, you broke the one I gave you this morning!
Lily (voice dripping with sarcasm): Mami, you'll survive it!
*Did I just hear myself speaking??*

On cheating in a game:
Lily: I'm not cheating, I just win better!
*Are you getting philosophic on me at age 3???*

Good night, everyone! And have a good start into a new week!


  1. Hahaha oh she is seriously so cute!

  2. LOL, she's got some good ones, and I just love when we hear ourselves in their replies. ;)

    Thank you for linking to Super Sunday Sync.

    1. Isn't it?? Do I have to watch what I say a little better? Maybe sometimes ;-)

  3. Haha. Oh goodness, she's a smart cookie. ;-)

    1. Oh, she totally is! There may be some more Lily-isms in the future ;-) Thanks for stopping by, Susannah!

  4. Replies
    1. For whatever reason (Plants vs. Zombies might have a role in it), Lily is totally obsessed with zombies. On above scenario, we figured out with the help of a D&D manual that a lich would be a closer fit though ;-)

  5. OH how funny! I need to totally capture the funny things our little man says, because he is hilarious. He'll melt your heart and make you laugh til you cry!

    I really like that her fart tells her what to do! :)


    1. Definitely do that, Kate! I might be able to present Lily with a book for her 18th birthday ;-)