Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Wakefield Doctrine Applied To Starbucks Execs

Clark from the Wakefield Doctrine blog mentioned to me at some point that it is supposed to be easier to classify others before classifying oneself in the three world view personalities. To me, it always seems easier looking at myself first before focusing on others; but since I tend to be a weird person, the thought of the worldview of the Starbucks execs, who have finally decided to introduce my beloved Pumpkin Spice Latte here in Germany after I was nagging them for the last 3 years about it, just didn’t go out of my mind.

Thinking about the three personalities, conveniently named Scott, Clark, and Roger, in connection with the Starbucks execs, it is not easy to determine which category they should be placed in; actually, depending on the different motivations of the decision, it could be either.

Scott (the predator or pack animal): The execs are a group of Scotts, who are once again targeting a new group to maximize their gain. This time, their victims are the not too insignificant group of expats and ex-expats (like myself), who are craving pumpkin-y goodness.

Clark (the outsider or loner): The Clark execs analyzed the marked situation and determined that there was indeed a market for this beverage. They give the crowd what they want.

Roger (the emotional one or herd animal): The Roger execs feel sympathy for their baristas, who are constantly harassed about Pumpkin Spice Latte, and probably also feel with the (ex-)expats far away from their favorite fall beverage, and therefore decided to finally introduce it (there is also a chance that the Roger execs crave it themselves).

What do you think, Clark, Denise, and others??

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  1. I like it. I also suspect that the clark-execs are in a state of mild panic, second-guessing themselves as to whether the demographic of ex-pats will be sufficient to have warranted the introduction of quite such an outrageous drink to such a stolid nation.

    1. I do indeed - maybe (as a clark, I will have to automatically second-guess myself into a frenzy at this point)