Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunday Social - That A Summer!

Sunday Social

Sunday already?? No way! Ok, reality sinks in; I was somewhat productive this weekend, getting some chores out of the way I'd been procrastinating on for way too long. This afternoon is spent indoctrinating the girls with my love for Bollywood movies; and honestly, what is there NOT to love about all those colors, the dresses, music, dance, and songs? Except that I am now obsessed with attending a Holi fest. Hope the hubby won't let me  ;-)

As today is the first day of fall, (in the meteorological meaning, not the astronomical), let's have a Sunday Social review of this summer (hosted as usual by Ashley):

1. What was your favorite trip/vacation/activity this summer?
I have to say our trip down to Weiden for the wedding was the best. We were so glad having been invited to witness two people pledging their lives to each other, and our girls being in the wedding party :-)

Our vacation in the Bavarian Forest was a close second though. Just getting out, away from the computer, spending time with each other, I'm very thankful we had the opportunity to do this!

And in terms of activities, I have to mention the family summer concert the hubby played in, so much fun for everyone!

2. What was your favorite outfit/look/clothing item this summer?
No, please not a fashion question. Everyone knows that I cannot do fashion. I definitely loved my crochet lace flats and the dress I bought for the wedding, even though it took me a while to get used to it.

3. What is one thing you wished you'd gotten to do this summer?
Going to one of the fun parks around here. And visit my cousin. But there's still time while the weather is nice!

4. What was your favorite song of this summer?
Since yesterday was the official last day of (meteorological) summer, I will say Felix Meyer and band. They were playing in the street yesterday (I'm happy they still do that, as they start as a street performance act and made it into the charts here). This recording is not the best acoustic-wise, but I loved them from the beginning, especially that song! (Joy, keep your eyes out for them!!!)

5. What was yor favorite movie/TV show of the summer?
Caught again! We don't get to the movies much (as in: not since last year), and I'm not a fan of most TV shows. Probably go with "A Game Of Thrones", because the last season ended somewhat summer-ish.



  1. I never got into Game of thrones but i know a lot of people who did and loved it.

    1. We have started reading the Song of Ice and Fire serie first. I've heard from a few people that they were put of by the very graphic scenes, but when you know what's happening in advance, with more detail on the background and motivation, it's better to understand.

  2. Loved Game of Thrones! You should check out The White Queen if you have Starz. And I am so with you on no fashion please!

    1. We don't have Starz, but I'll need to check it out on Youtube or so!

      Why can't fashion be all about jeans and a t-shirt??