Monday, May 19, 2014

House Update - The Countdown

Here's my to-do list until moving day (May 31):

- call the communal water department to have the permanent water meter installed
- call the town hall to have the trash cans delivered
- call Telecom to figure out when they will finally have figured out how to provide service for everyone there (yes, it seems that I'll be off the net for a couple of weeks after the move because of lack of service)
- rent a moving truck
- coordinate for the girls' rooms to be measured out for the furniture (and probably re-order the furniture for Violet's room)
- buy more light fixtures
- buy a dish washer and fridge/freezer combo and have it delivered before moving day
- buy a shower rod, shower curtain, towel holder, etc. for the bathrooms
- make sure that none of the workers will get in each other's way
- empty out the attic and move the boxes to the new house
- pack books, toys, and miscellaneous stuff and move to the house
- pack clothes that are not needed for a few weeks and move to the house
- take apart the furniture that cannot be moved in one piece
- buy a new working surface
- move all non-built in kitchen appliances, and the contents of the cupboards to the house; remove the utensil bars, unscrew the working surface

and most importantly:
- try to stay sane until after May 31!!!

Keep your fingers crossed for us!!


  1. Yay so excited for you!!! :)

    1. Thanks, Jen! Bought the dishwasher and the freezer/fridge today.. It's really an advantage to work for a company that, among many other things, produces household appliances :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks so much! Everything suddenly works out so well, so weird after all the issues we had along the way..