Friday, August 30, 2013

Not Feeling Scottian At All

Do you know the Wakefield Doctrine? It's the theory of the clarks, scotts, and rogers. If you don't know it, you should check it out, it's really interesting, and they are just setting up a test to make it easier to find out which type you are, the thinker, the doer, or the feeler (are those words??).

Well, in a preliminary test, I was named a scott. I read up about it, being slightly confused because I remembered that I couldn't decide between a roger and a clark when I just read the types. I'm NOT a scott, I'm not an alpha-girl, I am not a leader, and I am definitely not the center of the party (unless I'm drunk out of my senses and puke like you wouldn't believe!). This is what happened today that makes me feel even less like a scott:

I was out in town during my lunch break to get a couple of things I need this weekend. I wait at the check-out, already kid of late-ish getting back into the office. As I stand there, keeping my polite distance from the person in front of me (and my incredibly large personal space uncluttered with other people and stuff), a lady just sails in from the other side and gets right in front of me. EXCUSE ME (I think), but just suck it up, building some anger against this unthoughtful lady, who doesn't look left or right to recognize the end of the line. Just as she is done, yet another lady comes sailing, and gets right in front of me, yet again. Now the scott makes a quick appearance, as I slightly annoyed put in that it was actually MY turn, just to be put into my place (where is it??) by the cashier, who had already started to ring up the other lady's stuff, and told to just wait at the other register, because that cashier would be very quick as well (yes, she really said that! I really feel like writing a letter or email to the store and complain about the lack of manner with their cashiers - rogerian or scottian??). So I wait in line at the other register, being really annoyed, buying my stuff and walking briskly back into the office.

Wakefield people, please re-evaluate me!!! Am I a disgrace for all scotts or simply something else??


  1. I am so sorry for what happened. Why didn't you bother to say anything? I wish I was there I would have put them in their place. That seems to be a specialty of mine. I hope you have a beautiful weekend nonetheless.

    1. Thanks, Sophia! It was definitely not a big drama (or trauma) to me, more so a "What the heck?? Am I invisible??" kind of situation. I was just very unhappy with the cashier's reaction to the situation. Moving on to a fun weekend! Wishing the same to you!

  2. Ugh that's so frustrating!!! I would have been really unhappy as well. Well here's to a great weekend sweet friend!

    1. Just really, really annoying. I'm definitely having a great weekend, thanks a lot my friend, and take care of yourself and baby!

  3. Hi Stephanie! I'm familiar with the Wakefield Doctrine. Over there I'm sometimes known as DS1 or Denise. I clicked your link over at the Doctrine tonight.
    As to your wondering what your predominant worldview is - clark, scott or roger? You seem to feel pretty comfortable that the basic characteristics attributed to scotts don't seem to ring true for you. I say go with your gut!
    (from your description of the cashier however, sounds like they might be a scott. LOL)

    On those occasions when it's not very obvious if a person is a clark, scott or roger, I find it helps to observe how a person behaves, how they relate themselves to what's going on around them when they're in a particular type of situation. Observing how their reaction manifests itself.

    Reading your comment Stephanie, I'd put a vote in the box that you're a roger, perhaps a strong roger. (folks often mistake strong rogers for scotts!) If you are still reading my comment, then make that a strong roger with a secondary clarklike aspect. :)

    1. I'l take that, Denise, thanks a lot ;-) I really think I still have tons to learn about the doctrine, but I so appreciate your input!

  4. sorry for the delay in getting over here...

    ...did you just say, 'am I invisible??" ?
    lol as a simple observation, in the sense of a rhetorical device, ok nothing to make of that statement ... *however* if you are making that statement as a 'conclusion' as in: 'well-I-look-at-what-seems-to-have-happened-and-the-most-reasonable-conclusion-is-my-invisiblity' then I would be putting a checkmark in the clark column. (determining a worldview is hardly ever a single check)... these worldviews are about a preponderance of evidence.

    (btw: did I mention that I am a clark and that clarks have a habit of jumping around, even when reading something like, say a Post? lol... I just saw your mention of 'incredibly large personal space' er... you got your checkmarks handy? go ahead drop another next to that column marked: clark )

    I probably should stop, read your entire post first... but thats not as much fun... hold on...

    (heres something that might help: if you were to poll your family and friends about you 'when you get mad'... do you often hear someone say, "yeah, but when she gets really mad, she gets very quiet thats when everyone knows to be very careful" ? (if that is often heard (about you...from friends and family) then there is one more thing I can say:

    I know (because the Doctrine tells us) what you have on the floor in your closet... I can describe your foot wear and shoes and such) really!

    but! some of the DownSprings have told me to go easy on the 'describe the closet 'insight'... so if you ask someone, say Denise (at girlie on the edge) or our friend Lizzi (considerings) if they think it's alright, then I'll be happy to do so.

    very good inferring (in your Post).

    I don't know if anyone has said it, but the fact is, you are doing the hard part first... most people learn the characteristics by focusing on the people around least at first. It is usually more difficult to determine your own predominant worldview than it is of another. good work

    1. Thanks so much for the insight, Clark! I actually tend to look at myself first before analyzing others. Maybe because I am still trying to find out who I am. Sad, isn't it? Anyways, I cannot wait to learn more about the doctrine and maybe be able to explain myself better ;-)