Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Review - Clacking Castanets By Tinocchio

While browsing Etsy, I came across these absolutely adorable musical toys, clacking castanets by Tinocchio; and lucky me, the shop owner, Yael, kindly agree to send one to me for review. How exciting!

Just after my vacation, while I was out shopping, a little package arrived all the way from Israel! And here they were, a pair of clacking castanets. 

Yael added a hand-written address to me personally!
They were so adorable, just as they were in the picture on the shop, or actually even better, because I could examine all the little painted details. At first, I could barely inspect them properly as the girls grabbed them and clacking began.

Note the detail on the inside of the castanet!

These clacking castanets are of a great size for little hands. The wood looks beautiful and is so smooth even without being covered in paint all over. The little faces painted on the top are just adorable, as is the details on the inside. Even my 5-year old commented on it when I said what she liked best about it. Violet enjoyed the clacking sound and made the castanets “eat” her shirt, paper, pillows, etc. Lily made it “talk”, and loved to dance like a little flamenco girl.

Clearly having tons of fun!

As a mom, besides the fun factor, quality and material are very important to me. The castanets are crafted perfectly, without rough edges or any other imperfection. The paint used is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, therefore I do not have to watch Violet constantly to make sure she does not put the castanet in her mouth. When I first opened the box, the castanet had a faint smell of wood glue that had dissipated after a few minutes; now it only smells like beautiful wood.

We are so in love with Yaels beautiful craft work, which clearly shows her passion for her work, which far exceeds my expectations. It's simply beautiful and due to its exceptional quality, the girls will have many years of fun play with this musical toy!

About Tinocchio:
Yael, a mother of three from Israel, opened this amazing shop backin 2005. After not finding fulfillment as a graphic designer any more, she decided to start a training as a carpenter to follow her love for this natural material. Her passion led her to start her own busines,s and Tinocchio, a word play of the Hebrew word for baby (tinok) and everyone's favorite wood puppet, Pinocchio, was born. Yael sells a number of beautifully crafted wooden toys (and we all know, wooden toys are the best!!) for young children aged 0 to 10, from wooden puzzles and memory games via musical toys and baby rattles, to threading dolls and stick horses. All of her wooden toys are hand-crafted, painted with water-based, lead-free paint and finished with water-based lacquer. 

Please visit her shop at or on Etsy. Should you be as much in love with her beautiful work as I am, you're lucky as Yael offers 10% off your first order with the coupon code thanks.

Thank you again for sending us this beautiful toy, Yael!

Disclaimer: I received a clacking castanet musical toy from Tinocchio as exchange for an honest review. The opinion is solely my own. 


  1. Those are cool!!! How fun. :)

    1. They are really awesome! So much better than many of the much more expensive wooden toys you can buy in stores. The quality of the wood is just awesome! Maybe a gift for your niece and nephew?? ;-)