Saturday, November 30, 2013

Happy Turkey Day!!

Happy Turkey Day everyone! Thanksgiving at the Powell home is always celebrated the Saturday after the actual day, because the Thursday is not a holiday in Germany. And while I'm probably still running around like a rabid chicken, trying to get dinner ready, please sit back and enjoy the little poem my ingenious hubby has composed back in July:

Murder Turkey you're the one
You make stalking lots of fun
Murder Turkeys are disemboweling you

Murder Turkey joy of joys

When you eat me you make noise
Murder Turkey you've been hunting me it's true
I find a little fellow who's teeth and claws and oh god why?
It's eating me.
Murder Turkey clever girl you'll take over the world
Murder Turkey there's a whole pack of you
Murder Turkeys are disemboweling you.


  1. Oh, look, a velociraptor. Such cute, toothy, death.

  2. Have an amazing Thanksgiving!

    1. We did, Jen! Thanks a lot.. There's really nothing better than a full dinner table, lots of great food and even more good laughs :-)

  3. OK, Rubber Duckie was my absolute favorite song as a kid and I'm pretty sure this poem fits the tune - am I right? A fabulous funny adaptation! Hope your holiday was wonderful!

    1. You're correct. I still don't know what drove hubby to write this, in the middle of summer.. We had a great holiday, thanks a lot, Lisa :-)