Thursday, November 28, 2013

My History Of Thanksgiving

My love for Thanksgiving started with the hubby. We had met just a week before Thanksgiving and since he was so far away from home and had just transferred into a new unit, I offered to substitute a Thanksgiving for him. That was 2005. My student apartment didn't have an oven, so I interpreted the dinner a little generously and we had a a turkey stir fry for dinner, with an quasi-proposal for dessert  :-)

My first real Thanksgiving as a host was the following year, 2006. We had 4 friends coming over and at the age of 22 I prepared my first Turkey with trimmings. And to my surprise it turned out well. No pies yet though! Later that day, we got to watch the Thanksgiving parade where the band marched as well.

In 2007 we were invited for Thanksgiving dinner. Our hosts' family situation was.. well.. interesting that day. The most memorable quote?
Grover: That's how I like women: pregnant, barefoot, and in the kitchen!!
Me (7 months pregnant): Hey, I wear SOCKS!!!

2008, our first Thanksgiving as a family of 3. The first celebration post-Army, at our new home in Washington. We were invited by friends who had just been transferred to the nearby Army post, we were definitely happy to have some familiar faces around. It was a huge celebration with many people who didn't habe family around. Lily, at 9 months, ate her first full Thanksgiving dinner!

2009 we spent with the people who had become our family in Washington. Lily was 18 months old and we were pregnant with Violet. The celebration can be called "pie-heavy". Two guests couldn't make it, and we had brought more pie than we initially said; we ended up having 6 pies for 6 adults and 1 Lily, glorious!!  And we got to watch the Ultrasound video on big-screen TV  :-)

2010 brought us to Germany, and we had our first Saturday Thanksgiving. We had it planned as a Thanks-You dinner to all of the people who helped us move and supported our new start. It was great, relaxing, and the start of a new tradition.

Ever since, we've been inviting new people each year to our table to spread the tradition. My best friend is an annual staple at the Thanksgiving dinner table, but besides her, we've had a new set of people over each year. And as every year, I am really looking forward to the dinner this Saturday.

Wishing a very Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!


  1. :) Love the photos! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Wonderful traditions that you implemented! As I already said, I would love to attend a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. I am sure you will have a wonderful event tomorrow night!

    1. Thanks a lot, Joy! I hope you get the opportunity to attend a Thanksgiving celebration, it's really a great custom!

  3. I love the history! I cannot believe you did a turkey with all the trimmings at age 22, that's awesome! I'm 30 and have never made a turkey... :-/

    Love the photos! So happy! :)