Friday, November 1, 2013

Survivor Girl

Have you watched Zombieland? I would put my money on it being a classic like "From Dusk till Dawn" one day! We went out to a double-date with our nerdy friends, why our friend's son watched Lily; I think it was the last adults-only date before little Violet arrived.

If you watched the movie, you'll know about Columbus' 32 rules to survive. Remember number 2:

 Well, Lily seems to be a natural survivor of any zombie apocalypse, as she knows rule number 2 and is not scared to apply it.

When I came home from work on Thursday, Lily and Violet were playing with Celine from downstairs. Violet was wielding a foam sword, running at me and attacking in best sword-fighter manier. I played along and collapsed in the driveway. Lily, checking out the situation, took the sword and "stabbed" me right in the stomach, just to make sure. She sure knows: Always Doube Tap  ;-)

Who do you think will for sure survive a zombie apocalypse?


  1. My money is so on Lily! Seriously such a cute post and now I can say you totally put a smile right back on my face, too. Thank you for that and enjoy the rest of your day now, too! :)

    1. Lilies rule ;-) It was such a very Lily-esque situation, I went up right away to tell the hubby, and he was beaming with pride.. Yay for nerdy girls ;-) Glad to make you smile and have a wonderful Friday!