Sunday, January 5, 2014

Empty Nester

Do you know the time in the morning when your partner gets up and you have the entire bed, all the pillow plus the blanket to yourself? I loved these moments, sleeping another half hour or three...

But last night, I couldn't sleep. Since hubby was gone, there was no-one to hug me, no-one I could stub to stop snoring, no-one to keep me warm. It took me forever to finally fall asleep, and I was up surprisingly early, too! I hope that tonight I'll just be so whiped-out that I'll sleep like a dead girl, but I know that I'll miss hubby like crazy.

Can't wait to have my love back tomorrow, I hate sleeping alone in my empty nest!  Good night, everyone!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, dear Jen!! I know it only was for three days, but I missed him nevertheless. So great to have him back :-)

  2. It's funny bc Brent & I are super seperates sleepers. He has his side & I have mine. But dang if I can't ever sleep if he's not there! Just knowing he's there makes me feel better!

    1. We don't sleep all knotted up in each other either, but I agree, it's the knowing that he's there, his breathing, that's just so comforting. Glad to have him back :-)