Friday, January 31, 2014

Weird People

Janine's Confessions of A Mommyaholic

It's Friday, thank goodness. Work is still crazy, but hopefully, things will quiet down as my colleague is returning for a few hours starting next week. To start into this weekend, It'S time for the Finish The Sentence Friday prompt of the week:

A funny thing happened on my way...

.. back into my office today, when one of my colleagues stopped me to ask whether I, as a half-American - kew how to line dance. Well, I'm not half-American (our daughters are), and my husband is from the East Coast, so no. No line dancing at our home.

... to the yard to play with Lily back in Washington. The apartment manager's son, about 18 back then, walked up to me, telling me that he wanted to join the military and go to Germany, since German women actually showed respect to their husbands, unlike American women. For the records, dear useless teenager, I am not a war bride, and I do respect my husband because he respects me. German women are no subservient tools, and I hope you'll find out one day.

... to a well-baby visit with Violet. She was just a few days old, and while getting into the car, we met our elderly neighbors. They asked me if our new baby was a boy or a girl. We told them that we had another little girl; she looked at me with a consoling shine in her eyes, telling me to not be sad, she had had two girls first, too, but then had two boys as well. Thank you, dear neighbor, but to be honest, I'm really happy with our two girls, and should we never have a boy, I'll be fine. No problem, there are plenty of boys in this world to keep the human race going, even without me adding to it.

People are indeed weird sometimes, but especially in hindsight, they do make me chuckle.  Have a great weekend anyone!


  1. Stephanie, I have heard all about that last one also having two girls and no boys. And guess what? I am with you and dry happy that I have girls. Someone else will totally keep the human race with boys, but my two girls are it for us and love that they are, too! Happy weekend and thanks for linking up with us again :)

    1. Girls are the best :-) Thanks a bunch for hosting, Janine!

  2. Wow the 2nd one blows me away, can't believe he said that!

    1. Oh, I couldn't believe it either, I so wanted to smack the crap out of him, just to show him how much respect I have for deadbeats like him :-)