Friday, October 11, 2013

Pretzle Gone

Finish the Sentence Friday

Friday, my first week of work completed after the sickness. It was more difficult to get back into the routine than I thought, I definitely miss the naps  ;-)  Anyways, time to link up for Finish The Sentence Friday.

Once, in public, I saw somebody...

... stealing Lily's pretzle.

I was at the playground in town with the girls, meeting with a friend. I had gotten some soft pretzles for the girls as a snack, and Lily insisted on sitting all by herself a couple of benches away to assert her independence. As we were eating, a group of mentally handicapped people with their guardians came along and sat on the benches. Suddenly, Lily came running to me, crying. I first thought she was just scared of strangers sitting next to her, but then one of the guardians approached me and apologized to us. Obviously one of the people has snatched the pretzle out of Lily's hand and eaten it.

Poor Lily didn't quite understand why an adult had "stolen" her pretzle. We talked to her about what it means to be mentally handicapped, and that the man didn't want to scare her or take her food from her.

Another pretzle later, Lily was happily playing again, confirming again that it was NOT ok to take her pretzle.


  1. Awe, poor Lily and could so picture my own Lily getting scared and so not being happy about a stranger taking her pretzel either. Although understandable to us, not so for a little kid and think you did a great job explaining this to her though. Thanks as always Stephanie for linking up with us!! :)

    1. Thanks so much, Janine... It was a prime opportunity to explain to her about disabilities, and she took it in very well.

  2. It's not okay to take anybody's pretzel. With that said, I hope my kid knows that by the time he is old.

    1. I'm sure your little guy knows better even before he's an adult ;-)