Thursday, March 14, 2013

Crafty "Cowgirl Jessie" Costume

After the girls got the "Toy Story"-DVD box set for Yule, Lily has been a declared fan of everything Toy Story. Needless to say, that she asked me for a Toy Story theme party for her birthday. Since her birthday was during carneval, I decided that we would put a "costumes welcome" on her invitation. As an extra surprise for her birthday, I decided to try and sew a "Cowgirl Jessie" costume for her.

Since I am everything but talented but very motivated, I tried an easy way to get as close to the "Jessie" look as possible. Here's the result:

Cowgirl Jessie

For this cosume you'll need:
a pair of blue jeans (I just took a pair from her closet).
a button-down shirt or blouse in white or cream (I bought a shirt at H&M for €9.95)
some yellow felt fabric (the with from shoulder seam to chest on the shirt)
some black and white cow-pattern minkie (dalmatian pattern works, too!)
total cost for fabric round €5.00
Cowboy hat (€2.00)
red felt-tip pen
needle and threat

For the shirt:
Cut the yellow felt to fit the front of the felt between shoulder seam and chest section; mind the pointed border. Stitch it onto the shirt. Cut two sections for the sleeves from cuff until mid-forearm. Stitch onto the sleeve and cut the fringes. Draw red embroidering onto the felt (or do the embroidery, if you are talented!)

For the pants / chaps:
Cut the minkie to the length of the leg and with of the front part of the pants plus some extra for the seam. Stitch onto the jeans.

et voila  :-)
I did it, Lily LOVED it, perfect  :-)