Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Fun With The Girls

As our little ones are getting older, I'm trying to establish sone fun Easter traditions to welcome spring. Yes, even though yesterday, there were still some snow flurries in the air, spring cannot hide forever. And while it is, I will finally get to ordering the new summer tires for the car.

Back to the topic: Lily came home from kindergarten with a fun little project the other day: growing cress sprouts on cotton wool in a plastic cup. Well, plastic cups don't look very nice, so I cleaned some egg shells and tried it that way. The girls stuffed the cleaned shells with cotton wool, sprinkled the seeds on it and watered them. After a couple of days, the seeds started sprouting and the girls have given them to friends as little gifts for Easter. The sprouts don't just look nice once the have formed little green shocks of hair on the egg shells, they also taste great, for example on cream cheese bagle, in salad, or just as a snack by themselves.

Lily and Violet at work

Have fun with this little project!


  1. How fun! Enjoy your time. :)

    1. Thanks a lot, Jen! Hope you have a very happy Easter holiday! I'm off hiding the girls' Easter baskets before turning in for the night. Easter has officially started here :-)