Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Recap

Oh dear, it's Monday already! That means, one day closer to another weekend. Last weekend was a lot more busy than we had planned, but we enjoyed it nevertheless.

Richard and I had a cuddly Friday night date on the couch after the girls had gone down for the night. The movie changed on short notice (from "The Illusionist" to "Burke & Hare"), and the wine came from France, not South Africa (note to self: don't wait buying the wine Friday night after work). I really enjoy our new "tradition" of spending the Friday nights without computers and enjoy each other's company more.

The plan was to go on a short trip into Erlangen to buy a new music stand for Richard and check out shoes for the girls. Our trip ended at the corner store, where the car decided not to move any more. Luckily, our neighbors are mechanics and helped out. Obviously, the battery had lost it's charge over the cold winter and only driving very short distances most of the time. So we spent the afternoon outside with the girls enjoying the spring weather. I cooked spaghetti with shrimp, red onions and olive oil, yummie. We're really glad that the girls are good eaters and love sea food. The evening until bed time was spent playing games, Lily telling us a picture story, and blowing bubbles on the porch. In the evening, Richard played computer games with his friends in the US while I called a friend of mine and spent some time working on my blog.

The morning was spent with some cleaning. Around 10:30 we headed out to collect a signature on our building application; luckily, the battery in our car had recharged and everything went well. After lunch and baking a bunch of muffins, we headed out to visit a friend of mine. We relaxed and talked while the kids played; after the rain had stopped we even got to go to the playground for a while. Yes, I'm definitely ready for spring! On the way home we treated the girls to some BK (the "My Little Pony"-toys were a hit!). After coming home I went to collect another signature on our building application; when I came home, Violet had already gone to sleep; I helped Lily with her shower, read her a good night story and cuddled our little girl to sleep. The evening was spent quiet, doing some laundry and preparing for the new week.

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