Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weekend Recap

Sunday.. Again.. Why can't weekends last longer?? I can impossible cram all the necessary cleaning, baking, and spending plenty of quality time with the Mr. and the girls in 48 hours, especially since I use a good portion of them catching up on sleep as well. So, here's what we managed to do this weekend:

The kids and I prepared the dough for the Easter cookies after dinner. Once the girls were in bed, hubby and I enjoyed our date night in with a movie (Princess Mononoke; nice movie, not necessarily for small kids); he spoiled me with home-made guacamole and did indeed find a few bottles of Corona in the small store right by our house for me. Gotta love this guy!! Got to bed not too late, which I guess was a good thing.

Since I went to bed fairly early for a Friday night, I managed to get out of bed with the girls around 6:30. We had breakfast together and watched a cartoon movie on TV. Afterward, we had fun coloring and I chased them around the house and caught up on the cuddling with them. After lunch we cut out and baked the cookies, followed by quiet time  for all of us. Late afternoon I ran out to the corner store to pick up some veggy goodness for dinner. I made brown rice with sauteed veggies (carrots, leek, bell pepper, zucchini, and mushrooms). Lily woke up from her nap feeling quite under the weather. She didn't eat much and retired to the couch right afterward. There we cuddled a little more before bathtime. Since Richard was having plans to play a game on the computer with his friend in the States, I retired to the couch with a glass of wine and a microwave chocolate dessert and watched "Monster". The movie was very sad I thought. I felt for this girl; all she wanted was being loved, but she was abused and failed on so many levels, it was simply heartbreaking. Another fairly early night for me; this weekend was really great on catching up on sleep!

The hubby and I got to sleep in, while Lily taught Violet how to play Uno. I had to go and give them extra cuddles for being absolutely adorable!! I went to the bakery near our house to buy bread for breakfast, since both Richard on Friday and I yesterday were brain-dead and therefore stuck without bread on a Sunday in Germany (absolutely EVERYTHING, except restaurants, some gas stations, and a few bakeries shut down Saturday night at 8pm). As my luck goes, the bakery was pretty much picked clean by 10am, but I still managed to buy some baguette and soft pretzles and we had a nice family breakfast. After cleaning up, the girls and I iced the cookies we had baked Saturday and I got started on my first attempt of baking with fresh yeast. The coffee cake turned out well. We vaccuumed and steam-cleaned the house; Lily was being a big girl and vacuumed her own room, we were very proud of her! After cleaning, we had lunch and the girls went to their room for some quiet time. Later in the afternoon we had hot chocolate and yeast coffee cake. It turned out quite good, even though I think I need to give my aunt a call for her recipe; it's simply out of this world!! Since Lily still felt a little bit under the weather, we tried to keep it easy, watched Toy Story 3 and cuddled on the couch. For dinner, we had some whole wheat spaghetti and tomatoe sauce and sampled a few of the Easter cookies, yum! Since Richard's friend didn't make it to the game last night they're playing right now while I'm catching up on my reading list and laundry.

Another thing to note about this weekend: Violet only had one peepee-accident during the entire weekend! Her diaper was even dry in the morning. We're very proud of our little girl. The next step is working on number 2, but so far, she hasn't been ready for it. Nevertheless, I am seeing no diaper purchases at all for us in the near future!!


  1. I agree that the weekends go too quickly! Sounds like you got a lot of good family time in though, which is awesome. Potty training is so exciting...I'm glad it's going well!

    1. Thanks, Steph! We decided to not really do "potty training" with any of our children. A relative tried to "force train" our older daughter when she was two and a half years old while we're gone for the day moving into our new apartment. She was panicked when she just saw a toilet for months on end and set the entire process back by months. Before the incidence, she had started to be interested in going. I know that our children aren't really early being potty trained, but when they did, they were ready and it has been a smooth process.