Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weekend Recap

And here I sit, Sunday evening already, eating microwave veggy lasagna (bad, I know), being slightly tipsy (thank you to my friend Brooke, who brought the prosecco). And what a weekend it was!

This Friday was a TGIF-kind of day. I had done some overtime, it's a busy time in the office. And my special co-worker needed to make quite sure that I will NOT miss him during the next three weeks! Richard had prepared meat-loaf with roasted root vegetables and a mushroom gravy, perfect for a snowy day! Unfortunately, we had to postpone our date night, since hRichard expected a friend over to prepare for a game scheduled for Sunday.

Richard and I got to sleep in (yay!!) until about 10am. We planned to take a trip into Erlangen (again!) to pick up a few things, until the girls decided that they rather play with the twins from downstairs. The weather was quite fair again and the snow of the last days was melting. We adults used the child-free apartment to do some cleaning and one-on-one time. Later on, we had one of the twins over for some play time. I prepared raw vegetables with a sour cream dip, grilled meat-loaf (cheese for the pescetarian in the family) and brown mushrooms in balsamic dressing, perfect spring dinner just a day after a winter meal. Crazy German weather! After the girls had gone to sleep, Richard and I enjoyed some home-made tiramisu and a movie for our date night and went to bed early since we had plans for Sunday.

We got up earlier, around 8am; I baked some bread rolls and enjoyed breakfast with the girls. At 9:30 we had our bags packed and headed off for the indoor pool. Since Lily decided that she didn't want to continue her swim class, we are trying to go to the pool at least every other week to keep her in practice; and Violet enjoys the water, too. We had lunch at home and the girls took some quiet time until my friend Brooke and her family arrived at our house. We had cake, coffee, beer, and prosecco and just enjoyed ourselves. Come dinner time I was not feeling so well, so we just baked some pizza baguettes. The kids went to bed early, they were just SO exhausted. Richard is spending the night playing with his friend on the computer and I just try to relax a little and prepare for yet another week. Just two weeks to go until I have a week off!!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend and yay for time off soon. :)

    1. Thanks, Jen! It definitely was a nice weekend. I have 30 vacation days per year, plus the usual holidays. I'm really lucky to be able to have all that time to be home with the family!