Monday, March 25, 2013

Kiddo Humor

You know what one of the perks of little kids is? Their sometimes accidential humor that just cracks you up and sends you into hysterical laughing fits.

Yes, sometimes kids are not funny, especially when they are trying to be; I'm still not sure how I should best react to Lily's "jokes", which are random and not funny at all. Sometimes I pretend that it was funny (don't really like to lie to our daughters), othertimes I'm honest and tell her that it was not funny (don't want to crush her either).

But there are those priceless times when they just put something out that seriously cracks me and the Mr. up big time. Whether it is science talks that end up in a discussion about zombies, or a talk about religion, that - what else could it be - ends up in a discussion about zombies (yes, Lily likes zombies right now; her nerdy parents are kind of proud). And then there's Sweetie (aka Violet). She sometimes doesn't quite listen what we say, or doesn't understand the topic of a discussion, but still wants to take part. Her current favorite contribution is "Toy Story!!!", which, at the right time, can be just beyond hysterical! Oh, and their discussions about MLP - don't let me go there, I already start giggling.

Yes, those girls have a sense of humor; they're still learning, but getting there. And I love it!

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    1. I SO wish I could remember what it was that cracked me up so badly yesterday. I just remember that Violoet's reply to something the Mr. said was "Toy Story". Friggin Mommy Brain, I should have written it down right away! :-)