Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thirsty Thursday - Confessions

Obviously MARvelous

My thanks to Mar for hosting the blog hop!

I noticed something today as I was leaving work about an hour late: I miss girlfriend get-togethers. The other day, I happened to stumble in an unexpected afternoon with three other girls; we hung out, and several bottles of wine later (none for me since I was driving), I was elated.

Today, I closed the office with two of my co-workers, after which we spent some time chatting about the latest TV-shows, relationships, children, and whatever. I don't know if it's the spontaneity, which doesn't happen much any more with two little girls, or spending time with women my age without the little ones; not sure, but I enjoyed the time.

I know that Richard keeps telling me to take more time for myself; but to be honest, at the weekends I just cannot get myself to leave the girls alone. He deserves a break, and I need the time with them. Until a few weeks ago I didn't even miss time with my own friends, most of whom live at least an hour away. But ever since this afternoon I realized, that I need girl's time. Whether it is joking about motherhood, talking men and relationships, or just about TV, movies, and fashion (a bottle of wine doesn't hurt either).


  1. I really wish I had true girlfriends that I could hang with and have good chats and all. instead of chicks thru cell phones. it's not the same.

    1. No, it's not! The funny thing is that I didn't even know that I'Ve missed it until I hung out with these three ladies. But honestly, it's almost difficult to find fun girls to hang out with. We were a Scot, a Canadian, an American and a German ex-expat sitting in a house in Erlangen, Germany, what are the odds :-) Hope you find a group of girls to hang out with. Just try real-life events for things you like (game days, comic cons, anime cons, book clubs, etc.) to meet new people..

  2. It is truly hard to make time for girlfriend get-togethers. Especially, since the the girls I talk with do not have children. I'm usually the one tired, so tired, when someone mentions a get-together. But I know that I have got to make time for myself. Putting that on my TO-Do List for ME.