Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weekend Recap

And another weekend has passed; we were trying to keep it low-key as I am having another bout of physical depression and am very tired at the moment. We started out with a nice date night at home Friday, watching Russell Crowe's "Robin Hood", that Richard mercilessly disected towards the end. It's really difficult to rent movies to watch with him, you never know what he may like or not like.

I got up early-ish with the girls around 7:30. I celebrated the weekend morning with a giant cup of cappuccino made with Starbuck's espresso (sorry, but love it a lot!!). The girls were playing and I got to leaf through an IKEA magazine to get inspirations for the house (yes, I know, they haven't even started building it yet and I am already obsessing). Richard got up later and we did some cleaing around the house. The weather was nice for a change (the past months were one of the darkest winters in recorded history in Germany) so we took a walk to the bakery next town to pick up treats for our afternoon snack. The girls really enjoyed being outside and ran some of their energy out. On the way home we stopped at the grocery store to stack up on some things for the rest of the weekend. The remainder of the day was spent playing with the girls. I cooked bread dumplings in a mushroom sauce for dinner, hands down a family favorite. After dinner, it was bath- and bed-time for the girls and relaxing for us grown-ups.

I had promised Lily a few weeks ago to take her to a nearby water-park. Today, it was that day. Richard was not too happy to go, but warmed up to it once he was there (can't decline a jetted hot tub). Lily and I had fun going down the big slides and we swam a little bit together to keep her practice up since she is not continuing her swim classes (the reasons are for another post). Violet was very scared being in the deep water with her floaty but started enjoying it very quickly. She was getting bold enough to jump into the deep end without her floaty, not such a good idea! But luckily, she just got back in with the floaty and was happily paddling around. Coming home, we had lunch and the girls had some quiet time (no naps, I can't believe it!!) in their rooms. Since I was not up for any more activity, we watched "The Rescuers" while my pot roast was cooking in the oven. Dinner was pot roast in a balsamic reduction and pan-roasted vegetables. This one will probably not become a family favorite, but I felt like playing in the kitchen a bit. After dinner, it was bed time for the girls; it took me maybe 2 minutes after story time to cuddle Lily to sleep, yes, these two little girls were tired! I will probably try and watch "The Virgin Suicides" and do some laundry while listening to Richard giggling while watching some "Venture Brothers" (sorry, can't do that one!).

As I embrace myself for another week of work I am looking forward to picking up our building application tomorrow and handing it in at the town hall sometime before Friday. Very low on the things for next week is dealing with the questionnaire I received from the finance department, trying to extort some more money from us. Yes, sometimes I really curse myself for getting out of my comfort zone and going on such an adventure, but by this time next year, when we're (hopefully!!) in our new home, I'll know that it was worth it!

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