Friday, May 24, 2013

Bear With Me

Today's cue at Jenni's "Blog Every Day In May"-challenge is quite a difficult one: My 3 worst traits. It can be difficult to be that honest with oneself while also being open to so many other people about it, but here it is:

- Perfectionism. I know, this one can be a good one, but I tend to be obsessive and also transfer it to the
   girls. They are little, and I honestly had to learn that their crafts won't be perfect. I had to learn that it's ok if
   the elephant looks more like a blue blob with ears and eyes somewhere on its back. But if I just let them
   do it themselves, they take so much pride in the result, it's heartwarming. It might not be perfect, but it's
   theirs, and that makes me proud.

- Intolerance. Yes, I admit it. I try to be tolerant, and expand my horizon all the time, but I do catch myself
   still looking down on people for a different life style, their looks, etc. I try to improve myself on a daily
   basis, but acknowledge that I still have a way to go to be the tolerant person I want to be.

- Impatience. Yes, it sucks. It's probably the trait that I hate most about myself. I hate standstill and I always
   have to be on the move, do something, be productive. Working on calming down and take it as it comes.
   Be patient when the girls take a little longer than normal getting ready for bed or to get out the door in the
   morning. Laugh and enjoy the moment rather than being always a step ahead.

What are your worst traits?



  1. I'm right there with you on the perfectionism one. It's something I'm also learning to get over.

    1. It's so stressful, and the most annoying aspect to me about it all is that I spend so much time stressing over it that could be used better being actually productive..

  2. Intolerance is one of my worst traits too, I'm trying to get better.

    1. Thanks Jen! Isn't it weird when we think: "oh, we ARE tolerant" when it comes to things like marriage equality, racism, etc., but when it comes down to the small things, we're just as intolerant than everybody else..