Friday, May 17, 2013

How I Love Them!

For today's "Blog Every Day in May" challenge I'd like to share a favorite picture of myself with you!

This picture was taken in early December, at 7 months pregnant with our Lily. It was such an exciting but also stressful time. I was working a full-time job, studied for my second Bachelor's Degree, and grew a little baby inside me. At this point, we did not know that only a couple months later we would have a daughter.

I had been struggling with my body for such a long time, battling various eating disorder since being a teenager. My husband was worried about me getting pregnant and having to deal with the weight gain, how I would take the changes in my body. Shall I tell you something? I loved it! I loved seeing the changes and how pregnancy and birth has shaped my body. I'm not all firm anymore, the six-pack is gone, but I enjoy my new curves, knowing how my body was remolded carrying those beautiful little girls in it.



  1. I agree, I felt fantastic when I was pregnant even though I gained over three stone! You look great and you hardly look like you put any weight on at all :)

    1. I really didn't gain much weight during that pregnancy, especially not in the end, due to a liver cholestasis, and it was really weird surpassing my finish-weight of my first pregnancy around 34 or 36 weeks into pregnancy no. 2 ;-)

  2. I love that picture of you! It's stunning!