Sunday, May 19, 2013

Love Those Blogs...

Today's cue for the "Blog Every Day In May"-challenge: Five of my favorite blogs (in no specific order):

Life Unexpectedly
No, I'm not putting my own blog here; it's my blog's twin (only in name), written by Chantel. She's not posting that often, but whenever she gets to the keyboard, it's a gem that really makes me think.

Two Martinis
Lisa's writing is just so refreshingly honest. And reading her posts make me feel the air of the city a litte...

The Adventures Of Our Army Life
I just love Jen. Period.  :-)

A Dose Of Jules
Julie is an artist, if I've ever seen one. She writes poems that are just so to the point, and her photography is awesome!

The Wondering Brain
My guide to managing to do it all: marriage, children, work, school, just everything!


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