Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Today...

Today, Jenni's "Blog Every Day in May" challenge asks me to describe a typical day of my life (including pictures).

Well, I've already blogged about my typical day as a mom with a career, and also a not-so-typical day, when I took a day off to head down to Munich with the whole family to celebrate Violet's birthday.

So, what's really left to tell you?  Maybe a not-so-typical day at work?

Today, instead of getting up, running to get ready and run out the door to catch my bus, I took my sweet time to get ready, had breakfast, put out the girls' outfits for kindergarten, did Lily's hair, filed a whole bunch of paperwork that was lying all over the house, prepared some healthy kindergarten lunch (about which they both complained tonight), and around 45 minutes after my usual time, I idled out the door, because today was not a typical work day, since my colleague and I were heading out to the big city to meet people at the headquarters (therefore: no pictures!!).

That's where I was today! (Source)
We had a lot of fun, meet nice people, and gathered all the information we had come into headquarters for, and then some. I got back home a little later than usual, around 6:15. We had dinner together, Richard had prepared an awesome Spanish cream spinach tortilla that even the girls loved. After dinner, we headed out to the playground for some fun time before bathtime and bed. Right now, the hubby is putting the DVD in for a little spontaneous movie night, so off I am.

PS: Can you guess where I was today??



  1. I'm bad at figuring out where someone is due to a pic. something tells me san Francisco but I could be wrong. are you in the states or over seas?

    1. San Francisco would have been nice.. No, I've stayed within Germany, even within my State ;-)

  2. So glad you had a good day. :)