Thursday, May 16, 2013

When Will You Be Gone??

 Today's cue in Jenni's "Blog Every Day in May"-challenge: Something difficult about your "lot in life" and how you're working to overcome it?

Well, I call him my "bane of existence". There's this guy in the office, who has the talent to turn my best mood sour once he enters th office. If it rains - Oh dear, this weather sucks, Germany sucks!! All this rain, all the time..  If the sun shines - Oh dear, it's always so HOT here.. Germany sucks, there's no good weather here... Discussing retirement in Germany - Oh goodness, Germany sucks! In my home country, if you reach retirement age, you get 75% of your last income, no matter how long you've worked... On being selected for a pilot project at department level - This sucks, it's so unorganized, no-one can do that, we're only doing this to make the department head look good to his boss!  On sleep - Oh dear, all you guys sleep way too much, I only need three of four hours! You all miss your lives!!  On free-time: Oh, I never have time for anything, that sucks so much! I work this day job, and then I play piano Friday and Saturday night, and Sunday for bruch..  On back issues - Ouch, that hurts so much!! NO, I'm not going to see a doctor about it!!

Ok, you get the impression. If he's not complaining about any- and everything, bad-mouthing Germany and Germans, families, etc., he's getting on all of our nerves using us as guinea pigs for his new career as a magician. Yes, there are actually people who have work to do, who want to go home to their families at a decent time, and have a good time at work.

What am I doing about it?? Wait it out, I guess. He's talking a lot about his goals, and I hope that once this project he's working on is over, he will move on to become the manager he dreams to be, and there will be no 8:30 a.m. cold shower any more!



  1. Oh my gosh!! Lol! He sounds fun! Lol. Maybe he will move in soon!

    1. Co-worker for sale ;-) I thought, too, that he was funny, but almost 3 years later, he's mostly annoying..

  2. Replies
    1. I'm sure he will within the next year or two.. When he's not complaining or practicing card tricks, he talks about his imaginary career ;-)