Wednesday, May 1, 2013

That's Me

This is the story of my life, from birth (can't really remember that, or the next few year that follow this event) to today:

I was born on February 25, 1984; it was a leap year, and my grandparents' greatest fear was that I would be born on the 29th. I grew up in small-town Germany and suppose it was quite a normal childhood, apart from the fact that I was a loner. Right in the middle of an infamous party streak, graduated school better than expected and moved out from home to go to college at 19. I studied languages to be a translator and interpreter; I love languages, their dynamics and ideosyncracies (maybe I'm just in love with words in general, since I've been an avid reader since I've learned how to read). When I was 21, my life changed profoundly, when I met my fuure husband. Five months later we were married and another three months after that, just two days after graduating college, we were on our way to our new life in the US. I was an Army wife for a little over 2 years, when my husband chose me and our newborn daughter over the military and quit his service. We moved to our home-at-heart, Seattle but after finding out that we expected another baby, we decided to move back to Germany for the benefit of our family. I found a job with the company I've always dreamed of working for within weeks of our arrival. It's been three years, and we've become settled and building our home here. I guess we've finally arrived.


  1. I love this! :) So great to learn more about you.

    1. It'S a really fun blog challenge, Jen! Just join in :-)