Saturday, May 11, 2013

Me In 10 Words

Today's cue at Jenni's Blog Every Day In May challenge is: Sell yourself in 10 words.. At this point, I will give theword to someone, who might (or might not) be a little more constructive on that issue than me: the Mister. He complained about having to do that a fair share, and his complaining caused a lot of laughter on both of our sides, but in between nagging about the task, he came up with the following (with his comments in parentheses):

- smart
- blond (naturally)
- dedicated
- overworked (but you do that to yourself)
- nerd
- nice ass
- asthetically pleasing (not to say "pretty")
- honest
- tolerant (of my excentricities)

Love my hubby!!

PS: The hubby wants to point out that there is much more to a person than just 10 words, and that he is not a fan of today's cue. Duly noted, sir!  :-)



  1. So many of these describe me! :)

  2. This one made me laugh out loud! It's always interesting to see what our hubs think of us. My list would probably be close to this, except for tolerant. And blonde. And OCD. Okay, so maybe not that close after all. :)

    1. The good thing is that we agree on most of the points. I personally would not have put the butt in, but I appreciate his input on that ;-) His complaining about it was epic though!

  3. Hahaha a nice ass is a necessity in today's Kardashian obsessed society :p