Friday, May 3, 2013

Where Is The Exit, Please??

The third day of this blog challenge is all about things that make me uncomfortable:

Let's start with the obvious: too small shoes. Thanks to Miss Violet, I have a completely unacceptable shoe size right now, hanging somewhere in between sizes. While the left shoe fits, the right one is just that little bit too small, but a size up is way to big for my left foot, even with insoles. So I just resigned to grin and bear it whenever I have to wear my too-cute Buffalo heels. I recently found a pair of to-die-for red heels that fit pretty well, though; I guess the Buffalos will have to go...

Apart from physical discomfort, I hate being in a room full of people I don't know. I'm somewhat socially awkward, but I really can't stand entering a room of people without having someone I can attach to. I have worked on it in the past, trying to overcome my anxiety. I remember a work social many years back. I was new on the job, and even though I knew my coworkers, they were busy socializing with the other guests, whom they knew. Richard was talking Army with my boss, and here I was, hiding at the bar. I did get my act together and found my "victim" that night, a seemingly socially awkward guest. I made myself walk over and introduce myself. Horror right there for me, but I did it. When I feel uncomfortable with something, I often try the confrontation method, actively seeking out these situations to get used to it. I have gotten better, but I'm still far from being comfortable around people I don't know.

Apart from the two big ones, here are a few more things that just make me uncomfortable:

- needles (like in "vaccination" or "blood drawing"); even two pregnancies with frequent thyroid tests didn't
  take care of this one.
- cuddling with other people's kids. I love to cuddle ours, I could spend my days just cuddle these two, but
   I'm simply not someone to cuddle up other people's kids.
- nursing uncovered in public or in front of men who are not close family.
- teeth cleaning at the dentist; just hate the scratching.
- male OB/GYNs.



  1. I'm with you on the breastfeeding part too! That would be soo uncomfortable! Come join me @ The Show Off Blog Party if you have a chance this weekend! Also... You've been popular as my blog guest! You've got a few comments on there for you :)

    The Wondering Brain

    1. I am totally in favor of women being allowed to nurse wherever and whenever their baby wants, covered or uncovered. I just never felt comfortable. If I was at the mall, I usually asked for a changing room to nurse and never had an issue. I was always happy for designated nursing rooms, and if nothing else was available, I covered up with a blanket. I know women who nursed uncovered, kudos tothem, but it's not for me. What I'm totally against is suggesting that women go nurse in a bathroom, that's disgusting!