Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Personal Top 5

Today's prompt on Jenni's "Blog Every Day In May"-challenge is to to make a list of my favorite posts from my archives. I chose to make a top 5, because five is a good number. Here we go (in no specific order):

1. Lily's Birth Story
    - Part 1
    - Part 2
    - Part 3
    - Part 4
This was my first series. It happened to be that this year, the days of the week aligned just like they have been 5 years ago, and since I haven't shared Lily's birth story yet, it was a prime opportunity to share the journey that ended with getting to hold our beautiful daughter.

2. Violet's Birth Story
Sorry, just love to read the birth stories all over again.

3. When Mommy Brain Hits
A little trip into my brain. Ironic, funny, sad??  You decide!

4. I Am Beautiful
On body image and the importance raising our daughters healthy and happy.

5. 3-Hole Devil's Food Cake
A recipe I love to share over and over again. It's easy, vegan, absolutely delicous, and quick to whip up should an unexpected visitor show up on your doorstep (we Germans are all about coffee and cake in the afternoon, it's what hospitality means around here!). ENJOY!!




  1. I love posts from the past. :) It's always nice to look back.

    1. Thanks, Jen! I sometimes start all the way back and read through some of the posts in the archives, about the things on my mind back then and how I look at them in hindsight ;-)