Thursday, May 30, 2013

Letting Go..

The day before last of Jenni's "Blog Every Day in May"-challenge is under the motto "Letting go"

I'm not doing good at letting go, but there are moments when we don't have a choice. Lily has always been an independent little girl; she was never the big cuddler and stopped nursing at 15 months. Quickly I became pregnant again, and her little sister was her polar opposite. Violet was always my baby; somehow, I still see a baby in her, even though she almost has her first month of kindergarten under her belt. As a baby, she always wanted to be held by me, she slept with us much more than Lily ever did, and kept nursing. She decided to stop at 21 months. And it was hard on me. I tried to stretch this final time, to keep the nursing time before bed or at night, but it was over. I might never nurse a baby again, and that makes me sad. I am glad that it worked out so well with both of our girls, but when this final tie of physical dependency between us was cut, it was hard on me. But in the end, I had to let go. Ever since, we're trying to encourage Violet to be more independent and self-assertive. Given her personality, it will be a piece of work, but we're seeing progress. I think it will be a process of letting go on both sides.


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