Sunday, May 12, 2013

Oh Washington, My Washington

Today, Jenni's Blog Every Day In May challenge asks: What do you miss?

Well, I do miss my declared "Home State", Washington. I'm German, so my actual home state is Bavaria, Germany. The first state I've lived in the U.S. is Kansas; not really a fan, I have to admit. So when Richard's separation from the military became imminent, we discussed where we would go from there. We had several contenders, the top three being (in no specific order) Boston, Chicago, and Seattle. We did our research. Boston was out after the 2007 bomb scare, which the hubby considered just asenine.

PSA: NOT a bomb!! Source: Wikipedia
Chicago went out due to the statistics, since the crime rate seems to be fairly high there. So off to Seattle we went one sunny July afternoon. The next day, we hit Denver, CO, and I was amazed. I wondered why we never even considered to move to Denver, since it was simply amazing there. Once we hit the Cascades, I knew why. I fell in love with Washington so hard that I still miss it to this day and become homesick for it. I've never seen green as green as there. I've never before seen seasons this beautiful before.We loved Seattle at first sight, and still love it, even though we decided to move away from there for a better future for our family in Germany. I will always consider myself a Washingtonian by heart, and I'm always excited to visit my Home State. Believe me, there is no way to describe my feelings when the plane descends into Seattle. Then, our family ist turly coming home...

Seattle from the Space Needle, October 2008



  1. I would love to visit husband went to college about an hour from there. :)

    Happy Mother's Day dear friend! Wishing you a very very special day. :)

    1. Thank you so much, Jen! My family has made this day very special ;-)

      Oh, definitely take a trip to Seattle. It's beautiful up there and so much to see and do!